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Wonderware Toolkits

Visual StudioWonderware Toolkits provide powerful extensibility to InTouch HMI and System Platform applications enabling developers to extend the capabilities of Wonderware products to meet specific system integration needs.  Our Toolkits promote adherence to industry standards, provide additional customization and intellectual property protection, and enhance the ability to interface Wonderware products with other software and hardware.

Wonderware Toolkits are utilised primarily by System Integrators, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Value-Added Resellers (VARs), and software developers that require a relatively high level of programming sophistication.

Available Wonderware Toolkits:

  • DAServer Toolkit – Enables developers to build device integration servers more easily
  • ArchestrA Object Toolkit – Enables developers to extend the ArchestrA architecture with objects that provide specific application or device integration functionality
  • Historian Toolkit – Enables developers to create high-value industrial applications that integrate with data sources from the System Platform and other data sources
  • Alarm Toolkit – The Alarm toolkit enables users to produce custom distributed alarm providers and consumers
  • Wizard Toolkit – The Wizard Toolkit enables users to produce their own Wizards for inclusion in InTouch HMI
  • Script Toolkit – The Script toolkit is a SDK enabling custom InTouch scripts to be developed
  • GRAccess Toolkit – Enables developers to create programmatic access to and interaction with System Platform Galaxy configuration data
  • MXAccess Toolkit – Enables developers to create programmatic access to runtime data in a System Platform Galaxy
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