Visualisation: SCADA HMI


Why Choose Wonderware for your SCADA/HMI System?

Organisations from many different industries choose Wonderware Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) because they satisfy the concerns of plant management, engineering, production and IT staff alike. Wonderware SCADA brings an empowering simplicity to managing plant operations through legendary ease of use, unparalleled scalability, matchless capabilities and standards-based, secure integration.

As modern industrial systems continue to get larger and generate greater volumes of data with increased levels of automation, a new approach to industrial processes visualisation is required in order to manage processes efficiently and identify and manage abnormal situations effectively. Wonderware SCADA/HMI presents critical information about your production process in real time so that you can view, monitor and control your facility from a control room or mobile device. Your entire production process is replicated through the software and presented in a graphical format based on system structure, size, history and behaviour.

Incorporating market-leading ArchestrA Graphics Technology, the superior approach and clarity that Wonderware delivers when presenting operational data on your SCADA/HMI system means less time is needed to detect and act when abnormal situations arise.

Wonderware visualisation solutions also deliver the following benefits:

  • Advanced alarm aggregation allowing operators to focus on real problems
  • Intelligent use of color to enhance operator performance while reducing distraction and fatigue
  • Powerful, intelligent ArchestrA graphics and faceplates provide context to data, enabling faster analysis and improved operator effectiveness
  • Element styles ensure a consistent HMI look and feel across your organisation regardless of when or by whom it was designed.
  • Symbol Wizards enable maximum flexibility and standardisation whilst minimising application assembly and maintenance effort
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