Operational Intelligence: Reporting and Analysis

Information Server

Information ServerWonderware Information Server is an easy to implement solution for aggregating and presenting plant production and performance data over the web or company intranet. Operations, facilities management and engineering personnel have a direct view into critical processes, enabling better collaboration and troubleshooting.

Plant personnel, with a minimum of training, can install, configure and implement a highly effective plant information portal without the need for custom web programming. Real-time visualisation of the production process can be viewed anywhere – via the Web or company intranet.

Information Server aggregates a wide range of operations and performance information, including process trends, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboards, production reports, equipment downtime, equipment efficiency, operations events and history, including product traceability and genealogy information.

Content from the Wonderware Information Server can be incorporated into other web portals, making existing corporate IT portals more informative and valuable.

Key Benefits

  • Access to Key Performance Indicators (KPI) anywhere
  • Improve plant performance
  • Reduce production costs
  • Increase responsiveness to market opportunities
  • Productivity and workforce improvements

Key Capabilities

  • Easy access to real-time and historical plant data
  • Online access to plant process graphics
  • Integrated data trending and analysis
  • Production and performance reporting
  • Integration with existing IT infrastructure and web portals
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