Operational Intelligence: Reporting and Analysis


Wonderware Op Intelligence GraphicAlthough the process can sometimes be a drawn out one, innovations in mainstream IT have a habit of eventually finding their way into the world of industrial automation. Technology and thinking that has come to fore in everyday business is now being deployed by manufacturers across the world. A prime example of this is the development of Business Intelligence. It allows decision makers to conduct a real-time assessment of how the business is performing and afford them the ability to react quickly and decisively should they need to. This has been replicated within the manufacturing industry, through ‘Operational Intelligence’ solutions.

Wonderware Information Management Solutions

Manufacturers experiencing the highest organic growth are using ‘Operational Intelligence’ real-time data collection, reporting and analysis  techniques to gain unparalleled insight into their production processes and stay competitive.

Wonderware Information Management solutions deliver real-time insight into operations to provide actionable insight, utilising operational big data to foresee and manage outcomes, empower the workforce and enhance operational performance.

Data Collection through Advanced Historian Capability

From our traditional Historian offering, through to cloud-based, redundant and tiered architectures, Wonderware Historian solutions provide flexible data storage options to meet operational, compliance and reporting needs.

Manufacturers experiencing the highest organic growth are using ‘Operational Intelligence’ real-time data collection

Innovative Real-time Data Analysis and Reporting Solutions

Are you fully utilising the process data you are storing from your control system? Whether you’re looking to receive automated reports via email, or have push notifications sent directly to your mobile device, Wonderware have a flexible range of solutions available to meet your reporting requirements.

Wonderware Intelligence automates the transformation of data across multiple sources to produce real-time metrics. With market leading analytical capability, interactive reports and dashboards, Wonderware Intelligence provides real-time visibility into your operations, whilst enabling operational performance improvements and alignment with business targets.

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