Operations Management and Managed Services

MES Operations

MESWonderware MES solutions provide software functionality to digitalise your industrial operations’ business rules and information management needs, as well as automating data collection of operational execution. It empowers decision makers and operators to more effectively manage production and shop floor inventory operations in real time. Full product genealogy, complete work order execution, event history and material traceability ensure product safety or regulatory compliance, and provide decision making support through supply chain visibility of operational activities and work in progress in real-time.

Unique execution and data collection capabilities on automated plant equipment make Wonderware MES solutions the first choice for automated or fast moving goods manufacturing processes. Incremental scalability in scope and size allows operations to easily adapt to changing priorities or business strategies that may grow over time. The commercial, off the shelf MES software provides fast ROI and offers support for standardisation of processes to reduce time to value and total cost of ownership for plant wide or multi-site MES deployments.

Reduce Risk and Cost of Compliance

Wonderware MES/Operations helps manufacturing companies to document production, material traceability and the quality of products and processes. Detailed electronic records of product genealogy and material traceability allow for:

  • Fast and effective responses to unforeseen events
  • Manage product quarantine/recalls
  • Protect your brand equity
  • Reduce the cost of compliance to consumer and product safety regulations

Wonderware MES empowers decision makers and operators to more effectively manage production and shop floor inventory operations in real time.

Inventory and Storage Management

Wonderware MES/Operations and storage management features can be used to configure business rules for tracking and managing inventory on the plant floor in real time. It enhances traceability across fixed or mobile storage locations for raw, semi-finished and finished products. Inventory quantities are updated automatically as materials are consumed and products are made. There is support for both explicit declarations of lot consumptions as well as backflushing standard quantities.

Labour Tracking, Certification and Document Management

Wonderware MES/Operations tracks operators logged into jobs and captures time and duration on machines, which also allows accounting of labour costs attached to work order execution by an operator or groups of operators. Operators can be requested to review and acknowledge work instructions presented as electronic documents, or confirm BOM item or specification values. Jobs can be restricted to operators with valid certificates of necessary qualifications to run the job.

Key Capabilities

  • Full-featured MES capability – “Dock-to-dock”
  • Paperless work order and product specification management
  • Real-time visibility to production and inventory activities
  • Integrated business rules to secure quality to specifications
  • Comprehensive electronic manufacturing genealogy and material traceability

Business Value

  • 10-20% average manufacturing cost reduction
  • 50-10% increased productivity
  • 20 – 30% average quality improvements
  • Empower supply chain applications and increase business agility
  • Enforce compliance and governance
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