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Skelta Business Process Management

Skelta ImageWonderware Skelta BPM software delivers advanced workflow solutions and a complete set of tools for creating, executing and optimising business processes. 100% embeddable web based architecture and strong integration capabilities ensures collaboration throughout the Enterprise.

Wonderware Skelta BPM helps organisations get work done intelligently, effectively and in a governed manner. The software uses an intuitive, visual process and forms a modelling environment for improved productivity and rapid delivery of new business applications.

Built on cutting-edge Microsoft.NET, XML and Web services technologies, Skelta BPM is the world’s first 100% embeddable workflow engine. The software also enables true enterprise collaboration with extensibility to SharePoint and integration capability with Microsoft technologies.

Skelta BPM is the world’s first 100% embeddable workflow engine, based on HTML5 standards

Leveraging strong enterprise class BPM architecture, Wonderware Skelta BPM delivers powerful new functionality in core BPM functions.

New features include:

Skelta Forms Designer

  • A powerful adaptive, responsive Forms Designer:
    A ‘what you see is what you get’ web-based design tool to create complex layouts with smart controls
  • Collaboration and Communication Enhancements:
    Wonderware Skelta BPM integrates with SharePoint DB, Active Directory and third-party directories
  • Enhanced security upgrades
    Define security at item and folder levels. Comprehensive security delivered for reporting and BAM


Key Capabilties

  • Anywhere, anytime secure mobile access to critical business processes
  • Work Tasks push notifications and messages enable quick turnaround
  • Support for iOS and Windows mobile devices
  • Supports all process related actions such as initiate, view, act and search

Key Benefits

  • Faster tasks execution and reduced delays, making critical processes move faster
  • Reduced process interruptions
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Improved enterprise wide real-time collaboration
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