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MES Quality

The desire for increased margins and the growing pressure of compliance with internal, governmental or safety regulations requires tighter quality control and improved quality procedure management in many manufacturing industries. Balancing these quality standards requires efficient in-line quality operations; minimal impact to operator efficiency; access to multiple systems for data and recording and management of the plant/enterprise systems landscape to minimise complexity and lower the total cost of ownership.

Quality operations management on the shop floor improves product quality, compliance and operational efficiencies

Wonderware MES is configurable, fully functional and highly scalable Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software which can be applied to most industrial manufacturing and production processes.  MES Quality helps manufacturing companies reduce the cost and increase the efficiency and accuracy of capturing and monitoring of critical quality information on the shop floor, in context and in dynamic synchronisation with the execution of work orders.

Integration into System Platform

Automatic quality data sampling execution from process equipment and controls is gained through integration into System Platform. System Platform provides the infrastructure for integration and data collection from automated equipment through the Quality Modules Sample Recording Object. MES Software Objects connect with real-time information from control systems or plant automation devices, enabling automatic/ semi-automatic information exchange and data collection.

Key Capabilities

  • Increases operational efficiency and accuracy of quality data by automation of quality sampling procedures with enforcement or direct sampling from plant equipment or control systems
  • Improves product quality and reduces losses through tighter control and faster response to non conformance or deviations, leveraging statistical process control (SPC) monitoring of sampled data with notifications of rule and limit violations
  • Improves compliance, product safety and governance through complete electronic system records of operational execution and quality procedures

Key Benefits

  • Enhances operational agility while securing compliance through dynamic quality specifications and sample plan management for ever changing production schedules, based on current work order execution status
  • Increased operational efficiency and accuracy of quality data
  • Improved product quality and reduced waste
  • Increased automation reduces the cost of quality, regulatory and product safety compliance
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