System Integrator Programme

About the Wonderware System Integrator Programme

The Wonderware® System Integrator (SI) Programme provides System Integrators with credentials that acknowledge their skills with Wonderware products. System integrators are a cornerstone of Wonderware’s success. We rely on their services and expertise to take us into new opportunities and markets. Wonderware does not compete with our System Integrators. Rather, we invest in our Wonderware SIs by supporting them with the right tools and products to maximise their success.

Program Benefits and Requirements

System Integrators’ participation in this programme also helps our customers identify local system integrators who have experience developing applications based on Wonderware software. The result is more business for the system integration companies and Wonderware as a whole.

A Certified Application Developer Enrolment Form is available within the Certification Programme brochure. Please contact for further information.

Programme Levels

Wonderware offers four certification tiers:

Registered SI
System integrators (SIs) can become initiated into the Wonderware® SI Programme by becoming Registered SIs via Wonderware United Kingdom and Wonderware...
Certified SI (InTouch, Historian)
The Certified System Integrator (CSI) tier of the Wonderware® SI Programme is for system integrators who would like to develop...
System Platform Certified SI (InTouch, Historian, Application Server)
One of the highest level of participation in the Wonderware® System Integrator (SI) Programme is the System Platform Certified (ArchestrA®...
Endorsed SI
The Endorsed Level of System Integration is the highest level available for SI's. Wonderware recognises that its team of fully-vetted...
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