Cyberattack is now one of the biggest concerns for today’s business leaders as trends indicate that industrial control systems and critical infrastructure are being increasingly targeted.

Our upcoming Cyber Security events will discuss why industrial environments are becoming more vulnerable to cyberattack, whilst providing guidance on pragmatic and robust OT Cyber Security strategy built on feedback from our extensive industrial install base.

Bringing together cyber security specialists from SolutionsPT and Schneider Electric, we will cut through the noise and discuss the real challenges being faced by our customers today.

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A Staged Approach to OT Cyber Security


Keynote Speaker

The Threat Within 

Jay Abdallah, Schneider Electric, Global Director – Cybersecurity Solutions

Industrial Control Systems in the past depended on isolation, proprietary networks, and hardware.  Once they were thought to be immune to the network attacks that have wreaked havoc on information systems.

Unfortunately, recent experiences prove this complacency is misplaced – the move to open standards such as Ethernet, TCP/IP and web technologies has let hackers take advantage of the industry’s ignorance.

During his keynote Jay Abdallah will deliver a summary of the recent ICS attacks and will take a look at the lessons that can be learned from such events, before shifting his attention to ‘Defense in Depth’ solutions.

Agenda Highlights

  • The Cyber Security Landscape


  • Managed Platform: Disaster Resilience and Business Continuity Managed Services


  • OT Network Monitoring – Intrusion Detection Systems  


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Guest Speakers

  • Jay Abdallah

    Jay Abdallah is a cybersecurity professional with 18 years enterprise-class experience.  He joined Schneider Electric in 2010, after a three-year tenure as one of Symantec’s lead security consultants in Michigan, USA.

    Throughout the course of his career, he has designed and implemented some of corporate America’s largest and most sophisticated endpoint security and network access control systems.  Jay is a fluent Arabic speaker, was educated in the US, and holds a multitude of industry certifications including CISSP, CISM, CISA, ISO27001 Lead Auditor, and ISA99 Specialist.

    Since joining Schneider Electric, Jay has planned and executed network security projects in the O&G, Chemical, Power, Utilities, Mining, Water, and F&B sectors.  He currently leads a Global team responsible for Schneider Electric’s cybersecurity solutions and strategy.  Jay resides in Dubai with his wife and is a US-Certified Private Pilot.


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