Whitepaper: Manufacturing Operations Transformation

From optimising asset performance to raising productivity to elevating output quality, there are countless reasons to pursue Manufacturing Operations Transformation (MOT). It is the continuation (or beginning) of transformation activities that align manufacturing IT systems across the business to provide both operational and business improvements.

Improvement requires changing processes, systems and the education of people. Changing processes and systems often requires replacing paper-based information management and legacy systems with software which provides automation and enforces the processes in line with the improvement targets. For multi-site enterprises such transformational approach is directly connected with the standardisation of technology and applications for consistent reporting, analysis and standardisation of processes to unlock maximum value.

Manufacturing Operations Transformation is a process taken in steps and aligned with shifting business transformation needs. It requires a manufacturing IT and digitisation platform which allows for incremental application functionality and to keep the cost of manufacturing IT low to provide a continuous return on investment. The value and return on your MOT investment consists of improved operational performance, optimal regulatory compliance, transparency across your supply chain and increased plant to enterprise interoperability.

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