Webinar: Energy Management with Wonderware Intelligence

Many companies are sensitive to rising energy prices due to the fact that energy consumption can account for a large part of their operating costs. This coupled with government legislation around energy efficiency, and individual company commitments to reduce energy use as a KPI, are just a couple of reasons why implementing an energy monitoring and continuous improvement process is crucial.

This webinar explores how Wonderware Intelligence can be used to monitor energy usage across multiple sites, how users at different levels (from C level to shift supervisor) can understand exactly how they are using energy within their business, and what changes they need to make in order to be more energy efficient.

What is Wonderware Intelligence?

Wonderware Intelligence puts you in control of your information. It is an Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) offering which automates the calculation, contextualisation and storage of operational historical data and KPI metrics. User-friendly analytics and dashboard-based monitoring of metrics empower workers and decision makers across the organisation to make more informed assessments.

As Wonderware Intelligence provides real-time data collection, reporting and analytics for industrial settings, this powerful solution helps to maximise return on investment in plant floor and enterprise solutions, unlocking the business relevant context hidden in the distributed data of your existing applications. It adds the information and insight you need for more transparency to the true cost and profit contributions from your operations.

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