Webinar: Dream Report – For all of your collection, analysis and distribution needs

Dream Report is an intuitive, easy-to-use reporting solution that allows you to create multiple reports from your Wonderware InTouch HMI, Historian and many other data sources.

This webinar explores how you can:

  • Significantly reduce report development time
  • Simplify report modifications
  • Empower you to transform your raw data into clear, understandable reports
  • Share Operational Intelligence data to anyone, any time, anywhere

Dream Report product overview

  • Real-time, open connectivity to SCADA, HMIs, PLCs, proprietary historians and other data sources;
  • Create contextualised reports from a variety of data sources;
  • Configuration through simple interfaces, menus, intelligent report objects and friendly dialogs;
  • Project generation wizard;
  • Seamless direct connectivity set to Wonderware products like ArchestrA System Platform, Historian, InTouch LGH files and WWALMDB;
  • Preconfigured, integrated and ready-to-use industry templates for industrial, batch, water and EPA reports.

Download our webinar to find out more.

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