IDC Whitepaper: Improving Operational Processes by Deploying Operational Intelligence

OI Whitepaper iconBy Lorenzo Veronesi, International Data Corporation

Global market and industry dynamics are driving a profound transformation in the manufacturing industry. These formidable challenges are pushing manufacturers to rethink thair plant floor operations, making effective factory management essential.

Manufacturers are now busy making their factories more resilient and improving plant floor visibility with an end goal of faster operations that are better aligned with the speed of the market. Among the key strategies in place, manufacturers are standardising production processes across their factory networks and improving visibility, coordination and orchestration.

The end goal is to improve customer fulfilment by linking plant floor operations with customer needs. People will be at the centre of this future strategy as they provide the degree of flexibility and decision-making capabilities needed to deal with increasing market complexity and demand variability.

The intelligence0intensive factory of the future is underpinned by IT and operations technology creating real-time decision-making environments enabling operations teams to improve and speed up their decision making.

This whitepaper investigates the role of Operational Intelligence (OI) technologies in helping companies deliver real-time actionable information to key decision makers on the plant floor.

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