Data Sheet: Industrial Information Management

Industrial Information Management isn’t just about collecting and storing data, it’s about analysing down to the most minuscule detail to discover the trapped value within your organisation.

The Wonderware Industrial Information Management portfolio enables you to bring the IT/OT gap, by giving you actionable insight into your historic and real-time data.

The ability to manipulate this information into easy to analyse formats, and share across your organisation, means that you can:

  • Troubleshoot where, and why, problems are likely to occur
  • Identify operational trends
  • Track downtime – View the status of any device, at any time
  • Reduce IT burden with SaaS services – Limit your costs, not your potential
  • Get a single view of multiple site’s operational data
  • Integrate external apps, such as weather reports – Determine whether external factors impact on process efficiency
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