Webinar: Actionable Intelligence: Best practice SCADA management

Why struggle with multiple “point solutions” when you can build and deploy the same capabilities from a single, integrated software development environment or ‘’platform”?

Vast developments to SCADA HMI and Operational Intelligence technologies within manufacturing have resulted in the ability to more efficiently control, view, collect and analyse ever-increasing volumes of operational data across traditional, cloud-based and mobile channels.

This webinar will explore how the latest Wonderware ‘Visualisation’ and ‘Operational Intelligence’ solutions have been developed to deliver actionable insight into your operations.

What is System Platform?

Wonderware System Platform provides a single platform for all the SCADA, Supervisory HMI, and MES and EMI Software Solutions needs of industrial automation and information personnel.

At the centre of the Wonderware System Platform is the ‘plant model’, which is the logical representation of the physical processes being controlled and supervised. ArchestrA object technology makes configuration, logging, delivery and maintenance of real-time and historical information point-and-click simple.

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