Visualisation: SCADA HMI


Since 1987, Wonderware InTouch has been the world’s number one SCADA/Human Machine Interface (HMI), offering market leading innovation, brilliant graphics, legendary ease of use, unsurpassed connectivity, the industry’s best support and the broadest partner ecosystem.

Gain Greater Situational Awareness

The superior approach of Wonderware to presenting information means it takes less time to orient to an incident and enables an increased focus on operational information. Clear and useful informational display and advanced alarm aggregation clearly visualise operations. The clarity into operational performance that Wonderware’s use of colour delivers also helps to focus operators, enhancing performance, whilst reducing distraction and fatigue.

  • Powerful, intelligent InTouch graphics and faceplates provide context to data, enabling faster analysis and improved operator effectiveness
  • Element Styles ensure a consistent HMI look and feel across your organization regardless of when or by whom it was designed
  • Symbol Wizards enable maximum flexibility and standardisation while minimising application assembly and maintenance effort

Used in over one-third of the world’s industrial facilities, InTouch software continues to deliver business value by helping you: Drive for Maximum Performance, Increase your Agility, Lower Your Costs, Reduce Risk and Stay Secure.

Advanced Device Connectivity

In today’s modern industrial facilities there are wide network of data sources — from field devices to PLCs, through to full blown Distributed Control Systems (DCS). InTouch is the leader in open systems and has earned its reputation by connecting to more plant floor devices and systems than any other provider.

The latest advancements in device connectivity has seen the release of a series of Wonderware Operations Integration Servers, delivering native connectivity to more devices than ever before. No data is off limits to InTouch.

Access InTouch Anywhere, On Any Device

InTouch Access Anywhere is a feature that provides access to InTouch applications via HTML5-compliant web browsers, enabling visualisation, collaboration and execution at various levels of the organisation. With zero client installation and zero maintenance, InTouch Access Anywhere enables users to securely troubleshoot plant equipment from any location, on any device at any time.

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