Industrial technology is evolving to meet the growing connectivity and security demands of the digital factory.  

Seeing is Believing: OT Innovation Workshops

The SolutionsPT ‘Tech Days’ will comprise of live demonstrations and workshops, showing how critical infrastructure and software applications have been developed to meet the need for highly available and insightful operational big-data.

Get hands-on with the technologies that are shaping the connected ‘factory of the future’ and see how they can deliver increased operational efficiency and insight into your own industrial environment

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Agenda Highlights

  • System Platform 2017 and InTouch 2017


  • The Digital Factory – Schneider Electric


  • Transforming Industrial Data into Actionable Insight


  • Managed Services for the Digital Plant


  • Hands-On Sessions


Hands-On Sessions

Sessions to include:

  • Wonderware System Platform 2017


  • Citect SCADA Workshops 


  • Thin Client Technology Workshop 

Afternoon Deep-Dive Sessions

14:00 - 15:15

This will consist of 2 sessions running at the same time, both of which will be repeated after the break, so you are able to attend both.

  • Option 1: Citect SCADA
  • Option 2: Thin Manager

15:30 - 16:45

Sessions Available:

  • Option 1: Citect SCADA
  • Option 2: ThinManager

Hands-On Sessions Overviews

Wonderware System Platform 2017

This is a chance for you to get hands-on with Wonderware System Platform 2017.

You will need to download a virtual machine to your laptop with the Next Generation software installed prior to attending the event (if you don’t have the information on how to do this then please get in touch). You will also need to bring your laptop with you on the day to run the virtual machine (please make sure you have enough resource to do this) .

Citect SCADA

Learn about the benefits of using the object based referencing (otherwise known as Equipment Editor) in Citect SCADA.

Come join us in this hands-on session, where you will:

  • Find out how to efficiently configure equipment templates and equipment hierarchy instances.
  • Create, delete, modify and update equipment templates and equipment hierarchy instances in a centralised location.
  • Learn to reduce engineering time and delivers consistency both within and across projects
  • Leverage on the advantage of using equipment templates so that each type of equipment needs only to be configured once


The ThinManager training session will provide an opportunity to get hands-on with the equipment. You will be provided with a Thin Client and a laptop running Windows, InTouch and ThinManager 9.0.

During this session we will cover:

  • Configuration of a Thin Client to automatically load applications and embed an IP Camera feed directly into any application without modifying it.
  • Running a multiple parallel applications on a single screen with operator controls
  • Configuration of application server redundancy and secure logins using RFID technology and passwords
  • Simple configuration SCADA access to a mobile device (compatible device required)
  • Fast, simple replacement of a failed Thin Client

Limited Seats Available
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All Wonderware System Platform 2017 sessions will require you to bring your own device





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    A Staged Approach to OT Cyber Security

    15th-20th March

    Featuring Keynote Speaker – Jay Abdallah, Global Cyber Security Director, Schneider Electric


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